zanne avenue jewelry


​​​Welcome to Zanne Ave!

I'm Suzanne Schmid, the designer and maker behind Zanne Avenue Jewelry which began in 2002.  

Originally from California, I've made central Illinois my home. I love to give old relics new life, and

to push the boundaries of nontraditional materials. I hunt for antique treasures in the Midwest,

and hand-pluck industrial parts from electric salvage yards across the United States to make my

one of a kind accessories.

Jewelry lines feature repurposed eyeglasses, vintage maps and iconic images, and

organic elements such as springbok fur, living plants, and genuine preserved bacon. All image

jewelry can be custom designed with any personal image, photograph, or map location.

                                                                                            My trusty studio assistant is named Grisby

                                                                                            and he has very high standards. We both

                                                                                            take great pride in exceptional craftsmanship

                                                                                            and value handmade, done well. We won't

                                                                                            mail anything out unless it is perfect.

                                                                                            Drop us a line with any questions, happy

                                                                                            customers are our top priority!

                                                                                                                              -Suzanne & Grisby